Registering a device

The Wordpad will be in the unregistered state when first used. You can recognise this by the grey wallpaper. To register the device either press Register in the top-left or run the Wordpad Sync app. The registration screen will appear. Note that WiFi is required to register, so if you don't have it setup already, go to the Settings app to do this.

You must supply an administrator login. If you don't have one click here to register now. After putting in the login, you need to decide which mode to setup the device under. Note that this can easily be changed later if you aren't sure.

An Administrator device allows apps and settings to be freely altered. A Student device cannot install apps directly and some settings are blocked.

You can save time by checking the Automatically register further devices on this WiFi network checkbox. If you select this, any further device that attempts to register via the same WiFi network you are using, will be automatically registered to the same administator login. This means you won't have to type in the login details again. Do not use this setting on a public or shared WiFi network.

Moving a device to a different account

To unregister a device go to the devices section and select Unregister from the drop-down selector in the Mode column. The device will be unregistered next time it is sync'ed.

Once a device is no longer registered, it can be re-registered by running Wordpad Sync.

Installing apps on adminstrator devices

To install an apps to your administrator device there are two methods. You can use the Play Store to search and download apps. Also you can also use the Explorer app to install APK files which have first been transfered to your device via USB from a PC computer.

Deploying apps across all student devices

To deploy an app across your student devices, first ensure that the app is installed on one of your Administator devices. If the app concerned is not listed in the apps section, run the Wordpad Sync app on the device that has the app installed and refresh the page.

Once the app is listed, simply change the Deployment mode selector to read Install for all students. Each Student device will now install the app at their next overnight update. The update can be brought forward by running Wordpad Sync on each device manually.


Visual Education Ltd does not take responsibility for any damage or losses incurred as a result of installing third party applications. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they are permitted to deploy any application across their network of mobile devices. You should not mass deploy paid-for applications without explicit permission of the owner of the application.

Flashing the tablet image

To return a tablet to its factory state, you can flash the tablet image. Note that this technique can often be used to recover a tablet which fails to boot up properly. Read more

Other issues or questions

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