Flashing the tablet image

To return a tablet to its factory state, you can flash the tablet image. Note that this technique can often be used to recover a tablet which fails to boot up properly.

It is recommend that you test a single tablet first to become familiar with the procedure. Ensure that every tablet has at least 30% charge and do not disconnect the device during the process as it may permanently break the device.

1) download the Rockchip Batch Tool (1.2MB)

2) install the MSI file you have downloaded by double-clicking on it

3) download the image file from the list at the bottom of this page

4) find the 'Rockchip Batch Tool' link on your desktop and run this

5) open the image file with the batch tool by clicking the '...' button

6) attach up to 8 Wordpad tablets to your PC via USB; each device will show as a pink box; ensure the tablet is switched on and at least has 30% charge

7) press the 'Switch' button; each pink box will turn green and each tablet screen will switch off

8) press the 'Restore' button; the box will flash yellow; do not disconnect at this stage as it may break the device

9) once the yellow flashing has stopped, it is safe to disconnect the tablet; the process will take a further few minutes ending with the tablet rebooting to the launch screen

Image files

Image for Wordpad 7A - Version 011 (no longer available)

Image for Wordpad 7B - Version 109 (486MB)

Image for Wordpad 7C - Version 202 (488MB)

WARNING - using wrong image file may permanently break the device. Please ensure that the model number stated is the same as displayed on your tablet's start up screen. You can also check the model number in Settings > About.